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How Versapak created a lower cost bespoke solution for the large-scale transportation of fragile mobile devices and equipment.

A Secure Bag for EE

A Secure Bag for EE


EE is a mobile network operator formed in 2010 through the UK merger of Orange (owned by France Télécom) and T-Mobile (owned by Deutsche Telekom). With around £6bn in sales and 28 million customers, the merger created a major player in the UK mobile phone industry.


With the exponential rise in smart phone and tablet usage comes the need keep the devices in working order; a challenge that EE faces on a daily basis.

With over 600 stores across the UK, the daily task of getting thousands of customers’ phones and tablets safely and securely from the shops to the repair centre is a challenge of huge proportions.

As well as ensuring no further damage is caused during transportation, there is the additional need to protect the owner’s data (pictures, email and contact details) and to secure the phone from loss or theft.


EE uses a courier network to make the transfers, so Versapak’s Courier Satchel, a secure bag with protective stiffener and padding, seemed like the obvious choice.

But, the Bespoke Solutions team at Versapak didn’t take the request at face value. Their experience of working with many leading retailers, medical institutions and Government Departments gave them an invaluable insight into how to protect value products and sensitive data at the same time as ensuring many thousands of items can be tracked through a transportation process.

The team designed and tested a bespoke bag that provided the necessary protection. It was water-resistant, padded and stiffened - all of which protected the fragile electronic devices inside. It also contained Versapak’s market leading ‘Bond’ tamper-evident locking system that, when used with the uniquely coded locking seals, creates a visible and simple chain of custody control that removes the incidences of loss and theft of devices and data.


Versapak was able to provide EE with a solution that met all their needs in terms of security and safety with the additional benefit of tracking the bags through the network using the numbered security locking seals.

Due to Versapak’s unique business model – concentrating on European production and addressing customer’s needs - the bespoke bag was designed and a sample provided to EE within 10 days. Upon approval, the 20,000 bags were produced and delivered in a four weeks, rather than three to four months it could take if they were made in the Far East.

The final benefit to EE, is that the Bespoke Solutions team at Versapak designed a bag that met their needs at a lower total cost. The cost of the bespoke solution was 9% lower than the stock Secure Courier Satchel they felt originally met their needs.

Leon Edwards, Versapak Managing Director comments: “It’s clear to us that working closely with our customers to understand their needs as well as the needs of their customers and suppliers often allows us to provide a solution that’s not immediately obvious. We were delighted to help EE with this important project and proud to deliver the solution so quickly and at a lower cost.”

What is happening now?

EE was also content with the solution; two months later they again worked with Versapak to design and produce an additional 5,000 secure bags for an alternative challenge within their business.